Kettlebell Basics

What Is A Kettlebell?

The kettlebell is best described as a cannonball with a handle.

Sometimes called a "Russian kettlebell" the kettlebell was actually used by Olympic athletes 2000 years ago.

Kettlebells have recently become very popular among athletes and celebrities, who have discovered the many benefits and advantages of kettlebell workouts.

What Makes a Kettlebell So Different?

The Kettlebell Does Nothing - And That's Good!

The kettlebell is an odd thing - a remarkably effective, versatile tool that does almost nothing. In fact that's why it's so effective - because it does nothing!

Unlike the kettlebell, a typical exercise device does a lot.

Consider a stationary bike - or any other fitness machine. The design of the machine determines - and limits - which muscles work and how they work. Your legs go round and round on the bike - the same motion over and over. The machine also keeps you balanced - and gives your glutes a place to rest. The kettlebell does not limit which muscles work or how they work. Every kettlebell exercise is a whole body exercise - lots of muscles work and move in many different ways. And the Kettlebell won't help you keep your balance or give your glutes a place to rest (because they're working too!) With no machine - and the kettlebell doing nothing - your body does everything. In fact your body becomes the machine.

And no machine on earth can match what your own body can do.

The Kettlebell Is Uncooperative - That's Also Good

The kettlebell is not balanced. As you move it, it wants to pull you off balance too.

Your core muscles keep that from happening - keep you stable against the momentum of the kettlebell. Those core muscles are activated the moment you start moving a kettlebell.

In fact you'll be using nearly every muscle as your entire body works to create - and then reverse - kettlebell momentum. Whole body movement means whole body fitness, with maximum muscle sculpting and maximum fat burn.

And with all those muscles working, each exercise becomes like a sprint. You'll be surprised at the cardiovascular challenge that's part of every kettlebell workout - and how your heart rate will quickly accelerate with each workout.

What Are The Benefits Of Kettlebell Training?

Great Results From Short Workouts

Only the kettlebell turns your body into the ultimate fitness machine. So you'll get a super-efficient, super-effective workout for better results in less time.

Total Body Fitness

By working nearly every muscle with each exercise - you'll get core, cardio and resistance training all at once. You'll get the three essential fitness elements for total body fitness.

Functional Fitness

In real life we don't move back and forth on a single plain - the way exercise machines make us move.

In real life we're stopping and starting, bending, lifting, turning - keeping our balance while using lots of muscle groups all at once. It's called "functional fitness" - fitness that improves real life performance.

Whether you're a busy mother or a college athlete, functional fitness means you'll feel better, look better and perform better - that's the fitness you get from a kettlebell workout.

Is Kettlebell Training Right For Me?

It is if you:
  • Want to get fit or stay fit without spending extra time (or money) working out.
  • Want to see fast results.
  • Want a program that delivers core, cardio and resistance training in every workout.
  • Want fitness that makes a real difference in your performance.
  • Want to look your best by sculpting lean muscle and eliminating fat.

How Will My Body Change?

If you're used to working with machines, you'll be surprised at how quickly you notice results. You'll feel and see the difference almost immediately - definitely within the first week or two.

You'll see better muscle tone and fat reduction. And you won't bulk up. Instead, you'll develop a long, lean look that's been compared to a swimmer's body - ideally proportioned and very well sculpted.

Is There Anything I Need To Be Cautious Of?

You Should Start With Instruction And Training

If you don't have previous kettlebell experience, fitness experts strongly recommend beginning with some form of structured training.

That could be one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer, group lessons or a home fitness program like the one we offer.

In addition to reducing the risk of injury, an experienced kettlebell trainer will help you get the most from each kettlebell workout, to maximize your overall fitness results.

You Should Note The Difference Between Fitness And Body Building

Kettlebells can be used as a body building tool when exceptionally heavy weights are used. Such heavy kettlebell weights are not appropriate for a fitness program like the one we offer.

Our program is specifically designed to produce ideal fitness results with a number of very dynamic exercises that simply cannot be performed with very heavy kettlebells. We recommend kettlebell weights between 5 pounds (for a beginner) and 20 pounds (for an experienced or very fit user.)

You Should Check With Your Health Care Provider Before Starting Any Fitness Program

No fitness program is appropriate for everyone. Those who are pregnant, have a history of injury, current injuries, illnesses or physical limitations are especially cautioned. Be sure to check with your doctor.


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