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FitnessWorx Announces Its Release of "KettleWorx" - The First Comprehensive Kettlebell Fitness Program For Home Use

KettleWorx provides the personal instruction experts say is essential for new kettlebell users

MINNEAPOLIS -(Press Release Service)-December 18, 2008- FitnessWorx, LLC, today announced its release of KettleWorx - the first comprehensive kettlebell fitness program for home use.

Kettlebell training is quickly becoming the hottest trend in personal fitness. With athletes like Lance Armstrong and celebrities like Katherine Heigl and Penelope Cruz having recently come out in praise of kettlebells, millions of Americans are looking for a way to add this fast and effective workout to their own fitness regimen.

Fitness experts agree, however, that those new to kettlebells should first have personal instruction. The problem is, there just aren't enough kettlebell experts to go around. Only about 100 fitness centers in North America offer kettlebell classes. And private instruction is expensive, averaging $50 to $150 dollars an hour.

"The kettlebell is an amazing tool, but without correct instruction it's little more than a chunk of metal," said fitness expert and KettleWorx developer Ryan Shanahan. "So KettleWorx incorporates proper training with each of its 18 sequential workouts. This is the same six week program I've been using for over ten years to produce amazing results for my private clients."

KettleWorx is designed to emulate a true personal trainer experience. With gradually more challenging workouts and a number of supplemental programs, KettleWorx is appropriate for both men and women and is effective regardless of the user's initial fitness level.

KettleWorx includes over 12 hours of personal training, 36 entirely unique workouts and instruction in nearly 200 kettlebell exercises. As the largest collection of kettlebell training ever assembled, users can combine workouts and exercises to create a nearly infinite variety of personal workouts.

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