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Tuesday, April 6th, 2010



“Change starts when someone sees the next step.”

- William Drayton

Changing your life and improving your health is a learning process that should be seen as a journey, not a destination! What’s the worst thing that can happen if you realize you’ve made a mistake? You can correct it! It is easy to be misled by common practices that might be sabotaging your success. Let me show you how the 8 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes could be preventing you from achieving your optimum health!

When it comes to weight loss efforts:

  • Do you define success based on what the scale says?

  • Do you perform traditional gym routines using machines?

  • Do you obsess about the calories you consume?

If you answered YES to ANY of the above questions, despite good intentions, you could be undermining your weight loss success!

Here are the Top 8 KettleWorx Do’s & Don’ts for successful Weight Loss:

  • DON’T TRUST THE SCALE…DO MEASURE PROGRESS BY HOW YOUR CLOTHES FIT! The scale is NOT the best indicator of FAT loss! Lean muscle is smaller and weighs more than fat. By losing fat and toning up, you become smaller in size (as evidenced by how your clothes fit). However, the scale may stay the same or even increase!

  • DON’T SKIP MEALS…DO EAT 3 MEALS & 2 SNACKS EVERYDAY! Skipping meals eliminates calories in the short run, but sets you up for failure in the long run! You’re more likely to overeat at your next meal and more importantly your body reverts to basic primal instincts. Your body can’t differentiate between intentional lack of calories and scarcity of food! In fact, Sumo wrestlers who strive to be big and fat eat only twice a day because it slows metabolism and increases levels of fat storing hormones. To keep your metabolism in high gear, feed your body throughout the day!

  • DON’T WASTE TIME AT THE GYM…DO MULTI-TASK! Traditional gym routines are very time consuming with a limited focus on specific muscle groups without the benefit of simultaneous cardio and core training. It’s very wise to Multi Task with HYBRID exercises. Hybrid exercise combines Weight Resistance, Core Exercise and Cardio in one movement so you do 3x the exercise in 1/3 the time!

  • DON’T WORK…DO FUN! Traditional gym workouts by design are hard and meant to feel like work. By choosing FUN workouts you increase the likelihood of making these lifestyle changes permanent.

  • DON’T BE QUIET…DO MAKE NOISE (LOTS OF IT)! Tell people and recruit others to join you in setting personal goals for improved health! By verbalizing goals you hold yourself more accountable for your actions. It also allows others to celebrate your progress and encourage you along the way!

  • DON’T MEMORIZE…DO CONFUSE! Your same old routine may be memorized, but it doesn’t maximize your efforts. KettleWorx is designed to continually challenge your body in many different ways, so you see continued results day after day.

  • DON’T SLOUCH…DO MAINTAIN GOOD POSTURE! Bad posture burns fewer calories than good posture! Good posture requires more muscles to be activated, which in turn burns more calories! Added benefit, you look 10 pounds lighter when you stand up straight!

  • DON’T DIET…DO BURN CALORIES! There’s more to weight loss than just calories consumed! It’s a simple mathematical fact that the only way to achieve weight loss is by burning more calories than you consume, HOWEVER, not all calories are created equal! Healthy fats (like those found in salmon) actually help your body get rid of bad fats! It’s more empowering to focus on increasing your metabolism to burn more calories rather than focusing on constricting the number of calories consumed! KettleWorx hybrid exercises take your heart rate up and down in a short period of time (interval training) providing an “after-burn” effect so you continue to burn additional calories several hours after you complete your workout!

Be empowered with your new knowledge and take the next step towards maximizing your weight loss results!

To Your Success!!

RYAN’S SUPERFOODS: PHYTOBERRY PROTEIN - Why Protein is Important to Your New KettleWorx Body

Are all whey protein powders created equal? No! What makes the KettleWorx Progressive Whey Protein unique and why is KettleWorx such a big fan of New Zealand whey? Because New Zealand dairy farms by government law are not allowed to use hormones and most livestock is free range! Why is KettleWorx such a huge proponent of whey protein for optimum nutrition? Because whey protein has been linked to a variety of health benefits, such as:

  • Supporting your body in burning fat

  • Supporting increased energy

  • Supporting digestive health

  • Zero trans fats

  • Gluten-Free

You probably noticed it the day after your 1st KettleWorx workout. That subtle burn in muscles you didn’t even know you had. What you are doing is building long lean muscle with your KettleWorx program and your body needs protein to achieve the best results. The most effective time to give your body that added protein is the 60 minutes right after you finish your KettleWorx workout. Your body has worked hard and is looking for fuel to reboot itself.

But getting the right amount and type of Protein isn’t the easiest thing to do. That’s why we’ve identified what we think is one of the best and tastiest Protein Shakes on the market…PhytoBerry. It is everything you need for a post-workout boost. And as an added bonus, it is chock-full of added Antioxidants to fend off the toxins of the world.

Recipe: Cool Creamy Orange Banana PhytoBerry Protein Smoothie

  • Mix in Blender:

  • 1/2 cup orange juice

  • 1/2 cup 1% Milk or Almond Milk

  • Add 1 banana

  • Add 1-2 scoops of PhytoBerry Protein powder

  • Mix for 20 sec

Phenomenal for breakfast on the run, or to maximize your results as either a 1-hour pre workout drink or to aid in post workout muscle recovery!



Think about the last time you did 2-Arm Swings. Were you able to execute it effortlessly? If so, it could be time to incorporate a heavier kettlebell into your workouts! As a beginner, it is especially important to focus on form and learning the proper execution of the exercises. However as you gain strength and proficiency with the KettleWorx program, your body will benefit from a heavier kettlebell for the 2-hand exercises.

If you find yourself at the point that you may be ready to move up, we recommend that you incorporate 2 different size KettleBells into your workouts. Start with both KettleBells in front of you. Then depending on the KettleWorx exercise, you may choose to use the lighter weight. Or if you find you need more of a challenge, simply grab the heavier weight. At some point, you may only use the heavier weight, but ease into it.

Some great combinations of kettlebell weights are:

>>>5 lb + 10 lb

>>>10 lb + 15 lb

>>>10 lb + 20 lb

If you have any questions regarding which weight or weights are right for you, please call our KettleWorx help line TOLL-FREE at 1-866-903-0993 ext 2, or email us at


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