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KettleWorx KettleBell Program on WJW Cleveland

Monday, May 4th, 2009

CLEVELAND—No visit would be complete without the Rock and Roll Museum in Cleveland—but what REALLY ROCKED were the people at WJW-TV (FOX)!! The interest and enthusiasm for KettleWorx and what can be obtained with Kettlebell Fitness was incredible!! Anchors Tracy McCool and Stefani Schaefer gave 110% to trying KettleWorx!

The real challenge was for Ryan to try to curb the enthusiasm of 3 women on-air who couldn’t wait to get started with the Kettlebell exercises! The always-dapper anchor, Wayne Dawson wasn’t dressed to break a sweat in his suit, but even he couldn’t resist trying out the 20 lb Kettlebell for size!


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