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September 14, 2020
No.19Get off the sideline and into the game. Join the KettleWorx Team!
Last year's NFL Offensive Player of the Year was Tennessee Titans Star Running Back Chris Johnson. Chris does KettleWorx exercises to achieve his professional athlete conditioning!



Q - Hi Ryan, does KettleWorx have a web forum to ask questions or communicate with other KW devotees like myself?

A - Thank you for your question Jesse.

Absolutely! You can join the ultimate KettleWorx support and fan group by finding us on FACEBOOK.

You will meet many KettleWorx devotees, find answers to any of your KettleWorx workout questions, get motivated and find the latest KettleWorx updates, such as free healthy cooking videos!

I monitor this Forum every day and often interact in the discussions and give feedback based on the questions that are being asked. Here is an example of a recent exchange that was posted just a few days ago:

I look forward to reading your first post soon.

To Your Success,

You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients.
Julia Child (1912 - 2004)

KettleWorx Healthy Pizza

You don't have to give up your favorite foods, simply learn new ways to make them healthy! Nutritional breakdown:
  • Approximate calories 310
  • Protein 14 grams
  • Carbohydrates 52 grams
  • Sodium 35 mg
  • Fat 5 grams

See more delicious, healthy recipes.


"It is far more powerful to live your truth than to preach it." - Author Unknown

I had my first covert meeting when I was in high school. It was 1985. Big hair and even bigger shoulder pads were in. Knitting was not. My best friend's Mom knit the most amazing sweaters and I desperately wanted to learn how. We met in private and she taught me how to knit and purl. 25 years later I have succeeded in knitting a few items. My biggest challenge though is when I make a mistake I don't know how to correct it! Recently I was knitting something and realized I'd made a mistake. Instead of pulling it all out and starting over (my usual M.O.), I simply stopped and went in to my favorite knitting shop to get help. You can imagine my surprise when Judy, my knitting mentor complimented me on how I was becoming a better knitter!! Seriously? I'd gone to see her because I'd made a mistake! She said, "Yes - but you now you are able to see for yourself that it wasn't right!"

As a parent, teaching my kids healthy eating has always been important to me. When my mother-in-law introduced our then 1 yr-old son to scrambled eggs with ketchup I concede I went a little off the deep end. I couldn't understand WHY she would do that? He liked plain eggs just fine!! I made the mistake of thinking that by having my children exposed to the less healthy eating habits of others that my efforts would be ruined. Now that my kids are older I've learned I can relax.

This summer the kids went to spend a weekend with their grandparents. After Grandma's cookies, pies, ice cream and more the kids couldn't wait to go to the baseball game where they had "Treat Seats" in a section that included all the peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs etc you could eat! Our 11 year-old sent me a one-word text in the 7th Inning, "GROSSSS!" He later called and asked if I could help he get back on-track with healthy eating when he got home. I felt like I'd hit a home run! In giving my son the freedom to make his own choices about his food, he learned a lot more than if I had controlled what he was able to eat. This time success will be measured by his ability to see for himself his own "mistakes" and understanding how to get back on-track again with healthy eating.

Meet Sandy M..."Grannie! Get a load of Your Guns" with KettleWorx!

"Ryan, I felt like I had to tell you how much I love Kettleworx. I am a 49-year old grandmother of three and today was the beginning of week 6 in the Advanced Series. I taught aerobics all through my 20's and was in the best shape of my life. I even had a six pack. I never thought I would see ab definition again at my age, but I do! I'm not quite at a six pack yet, but the definition is well on its way. Many people have commented on how good I look and want to know how I do it. I have lost 8 pounds and a total of about 4 inches. I've always been fairly fit so I did not have much weight to lose initially. I'm constantly writing about my daily workouts on Facebook and I have recommended your program to many people. I enjoy every single workout and look forward to it every day."

Latest Update: "I'm currently in week 2 of the Advance series for the second time through and I reached a milestone this week. I was finally able to do Kickboxer Knee Raises with a 10lb. kettlebell! I struggle with shoulder strength because of prior issues/conditions on both shoulders, so I was ecstatic at my progress. I'm finally getting better at the CrossOver Push ups as well. I can manage to do all of them on my toes in the first set and all but about 2 before I drop to my knees in following sets. I'm thinking I may want a 15 lb. kettlebell before too long!!! Love Kettleworx!!"

By the way, join us in wishing Sandy an early Happy Birthday, she'll be turning 50 next month! Find Sandy and many stories like her's on FACEBOOK.


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