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February 1, 2021


Q - Hi Ryan...I ate way too much food over the holidays, so much so I can't stop eating, especially snacking when I'm watching TV. I'm feeling fat and the Super Bowl is coming which means more food. How do I get back into control?
- Peter, Oklahoma

A - Hi Peter,

Yes, 2011 is well underway and holiday eating should be over. But now Super Bowl Sunday is just days away and the couch is calling you to put on a snuggie, sit down and grab a bunch of munchies. I say go for it! Just don't stuff yourself with fatty, high calorie pizza and nachos! Instead, try my 3 favorite healthy snacks, perfect for calorie smart downtime in front of the TV!

Remember: snack healthy, train smart and you will win, even if your Super Bowl Team doesn't!

1) Popcorn. It's not just for the movie theaters anymore! 3 cups has just 93 calories, 1.5 g of fat AND satisfies your need to crunch. Add some kick to your snack bowl with a squeeze of lemon, sea salt, garlic powder or cayenne pepper!

2) Salsa. Low in calories, high in fiber and antioxidants. Eat it by the bowlful and still not gain weight! Beware of high sodium in store bought varieties. Make your own low sodium pico de gallo with diced tomatoes, onions and all the minced jalapeno and garlic you can stand. Add fresh cilantro, sea salt and pepper to taste. Squeeze the juice of 2 limes, let sit in the fridge for 30 minutes and serve it up with crunchy veggies or baked pita chips.

3) Pistachios. What's better than a snack loaded with heart-healthy unsaturated fats, antioxidants, fiber and protein? One that comes with its own binge-proof packaging! The shells are difficult to open, so you're forced to slow down. Raw pistachios are best. If you like the taste of roasted nuts, do it yourself. Put them in a 350-degree oven for 9 minutes. Stay away from nuts roasted in partially hydrogenated fat.

If you ADD a 10-minute Fast Fat Burn to your half-time celebration you can still choose some chips or chicken wings.

To Your Success,

You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients.
Julia Child (1912 - 2004)

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"Never judge your insides by somebody else's outsides." -- Unkown

With clean eating and my KettleWorx routine I usually feel like Wonder Woman; ready to take on the world! Last month after relaxing my commitment to healthy practices over the holidays, I found myself zapped of strength and vitality. Superman might have had Lex Luthor to blame, but no one slipped me any kryptonite. I willingly helped myself to all kinds of treats and relaxed my fitness regime (at the time I even enjoyed it)! As much effort as it feels like it takes to initially set the wheels (back) in motion, the actual turn-around isn't that bad! I KNOW by dialing in my efforts, as Arnold says, "I'll be back!"

When you see people on the covers of fitness magazines it's easy to assume they look that good 24/7! Jamie Eason is a fitness model that I admire. I've never met her but she conveys such a down-to-earth demeanor that I consider her a "friend" who inspires and motivates me from afar. People who know her have told me, she really is as wonderful as she seems! Even though I KNOW better, part of me assumes she's ALWAYS in peak condition. Thankfully, she's also real enough to share the fact she's not always at her physical apex! (I've even seen a photo of her baking REAL cookies with her niece! But I'm pretty sure she didn't indulge in the "funky chunky," butter cookies and truffles to the extent that I did over the holidays.

Don't fall into the trap of comparing our insides to somebody else's outsides. Even people like Jamie will tell you they aren't ready for a photo shoot each and every day! She too experiences what I've come to embrace as "ebb and flow fitness." NOT to be confused with "yo-yo dieting!" (Yo-Yo dieting is NOT healthy, can't be maintained and destroys your metabolism). What I call "ebb and flow fitness" is about acceptance and treating your body with kindness and respect even when you are not at your peak. Sometimes you do just have to ease up temporarily.

Take your cues from Mother Nature, she has all kinds of natural ebbs and flows: seasons, cycles, tides etc! The more we accept this and are gentle with ourselves when we find ourselves in an ebb-tide, the easier it is to re-focus our efforts and flow back towards our optimum performance. By learning to accept and minimize the natural ebbs and flows, we are better equipped to avoid a tsunami! If you are ebbing at the moment, consider this a hug from your "KettleWorx Mom," and let me say, everything's going to be OK. Now let's find our phone booths (or the remote for the DVD player), don our capes, grab our kettlebells, and fire up our metabolic furnaces to rid ourselves of that kryptonite!

How Does a Busy Working Mom & Model Maintain a Bikini-Ready Body?

  • Easy! 20 minutes at a time, 3-days a week with KettleWorx!
  • Christina D: Working Mom & Model
  • Height 5'6"
  • Weight 125 lbs
Last month we celebrated our "KettleWorx Biggest Loser" Romeo's incredible weight loss of 123 lbs with KettleWorx! This month we bring you Christina, a working Mom and Model who uses KettleWorx to maintain her bikini-ready body all year-round!

With Christina's incredible smile and positive outlook it would be easy to assume that looking this good comes easy for Christina! Juggling the demands of motherhood, working, family commitments, and friends, it's hard to find that ever important "me-time!" That's one of the best things about KettleWorx for Christina; she can carve out 20-minutes of time for herself without having to feel guilty about it. In fact, it's something she feels good about because she knows she is taking care of herself, setting a good role model for her daughter and investing in the best thing she could invest in—living a full, active, healthy life!

If the only thing more frightening than the wind-chill is the thought of getting into a bathing suit, then it's time to get your post-holiday body tuned up again with KettleWorx! Need a little "pool" side inspiration? Take a look at Christina...more proof KettleWorx works!


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