KettleWorX 8 Week Rapid Evolution Program

KettleWorX 8 Week Rapid Evolution program takes the FAST, FUN and EFFECTIVE workout to a whole new level.  We’ve reenergized the programming and coupled it with a complete program including the "Power of Eating in 3's" Meal Guide and Calendar to follow.

WHAT'S INCLUDED We've developed the road map, now you just need to follow these phases:
Before you begin your KettleWorX 8 Week Rapid Evolution program, familiarize yourself with basic kettlebell technique and format as Lead Trainer Alex Isaly demonstrates how to get the most of your workouts!
Four 20-minute workouts to incinerate fat with body-friendly, high energy activity. Youíll get leaner and more toned with each and every workout!
Simple plyometric moves combined with Kettlebell basics work together to ignite your bodyís metabolism.
Compound joint movement works to provide a full body workout for the quickest results possible.
Push yourself with advanced moves and plyometrics, that will light your cardiovascular system on fire.
All systems go as you melt away the fat with upper and lower body cardio kettlebell training in this workout.
Four 20-minute workouts to tighten and tone your abs and core muscles, shrink your waistline and sculpt a firmer, slimmer, midsection.
Strengthen your core with basic kettlebell floor work that creates rock hard results.
Get your full body moving to sculpt your core with traditional kettlebell movements.
Bring the power by incorporating isometric movements that strengthen the deep abdominal muscles.
Functional movement with the kettlebell coupled with power yoga poses work to chisel your waistline.
Four 20-minute workouts to sculpt and tone your entire body! Create definition in all your major upper and lower body muscles to tone and firm your entire body!
A full body resistance workout that targets fat burning while developing lean muscle.
Break through your plateaus by targeting assistor muscles to develop overall strength.
Use compound exercises in this resistance workout to improve your functional fitness and strength.
Dynamic kettlebell movements ask you to give everything youíve got to finish strong.
8 Week Rapid Evolution Workout calendar
The 8 Week Rapid Evolution workout calendar tells you what workout to do and when to do it.


We've given you all the tools you need to succeed!

Now all you need to do is follow it! Best of all, there is no guesswork!

3 Super Charge DVDís

Nine explosive, fat-burning, muscle-sculpting DVD workouts that take kettlebell training to incredible new heights. Quickly sculpt your upper body, lower body and core in just 10-minutes!

8 Week Rapid Evolution Personal Guide

This motivational guide will keep you energized throughout the program! Track your progress and monitor the results!

Power Meal Plan & Nutrition Guide

The KettleWorX Power Meal Plan has you eating delicious meals every 3 hours! Slim down each day youíre on the program! You donít eat fewer times per day on this plan, you eat delicious and filling meals every 3 hours.