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About KettleWorX

What Is KettleWorX?

KettleWorx is a complete home fitness program based entirely on kettlebell training. The complete KettleWorx system includes ten DVDs, training in 200 unique exercises, over 12 hours of personalized kettlebell instruction and a healthy eating guide. The KettleWorx program results in a remarkable body transformation after just six weeks, and requires only three 20-minute workouts per week.

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Who Is Ryan Shanahan?

Ryan is the world's leading kettlebell trainer and foremost expert in kettlebell fitness. He is an internationally acclaimed trainer who regularly works with superstars and exclusive private clients, including the cast and crew of major feature films. For over ten years, Ryan has conducted private kettlebell training sessions working out of the Toronto Film Studio. In fact, kettlebells are growing in popularity largely due to Ryan's trainee-stars spreading the word about this remarkably effective training tool. These stars have gone on record recommending kettlebells - but should really be recommending Ryan Shanahan! Of course he was only in Toronto - his training unavailable to most - until now.

Ryan has now developed KettleWorx. A program that results, at least in part, from the ridiculous demands made by film stars and leading models, who wanted a program that would give them an almost immediate body transformation. These stars demanded results they could see and feel in weeks, not months or years. Ryan did it for them, and has now transformed that same regimen into a fitness program that anyone can use to get those same ridiculous results: KettleWorx. KettleWorx is simply the world's fastest and most effective training system. In just six short weeks, 42 days, you too can now transform your body with KettleWorx, and with Ryan Shanahan as your personal, in-home trainer.

Other facts about Ryan: Over the last 20 years, he's played professional hockey, represented Canada at the World Duathlon Championship, completed 22 triathlons and 2 marathons. After just 7 weeks of intense training he earned 2nd place at the Heavyweight Drug Free Bodybuilding Contest in 2007. In addition to movie stars and models, Ryan has often worked with athletic trainers, physiotherapists, physicians and other fitness and health care professionals.

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What Is "Fat Free In 42"?

A healthy diet should be an important part of every fitness plan. Fat Free in 42 is a six week, 42 day program that will help you transition to a healthier way of eating. It is a step-by-step, easy to follow plan that complements and enhances the physical exercise portion of KettleWorx. By implementing a healthy diet and an effective exercise routine, users can be assured of achieving their fitness and weight loss goals. Fat Free in 42 is an essential component of the KettleWorx system because neither diet nor exercise alone is sufficient to ensure optimum health.

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What Is "Fast Fat Burn"?

Fast Fat Burn is a perfect complement to the basic KettleWorx program. It's ideal for those users whose personal fitness goals include greater emphasis on achieving and maintaining ideal weight. It's also perfect for those who simply want an additional high-energy 10-minute workout, either for in-between days or in combination with the standard 20-minute workout. These routines are intense calorie burners. And by adding a short workout to in-between days you'll further boost your metabolic rate, to maintain a higher calorie burn 24/7. Fast Fat Burn includes three unique 10-minute workouts.

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What Is "Fast Abs"?

The basic KettleWorx program is all you need for a body that's lean and well-toned from head to toe. But if you're one of those who want a fast, easy way to achieve ridiculously great abs, or just feel you might need a little extra help in the ab department, Fast Abs is for you. These three 10-minute workouts comprise the most effective, efficient ab program ever developed, and are guaranteed to give you remarkably better abs, faster than you ever thought possible.

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How Can I Customize The KettleWorX Program?

Each person begins the KettleWorx program with their own preferences, fitness level and goals. Each body, and each person, is unique. The basic KettleWorx program is designed to meet the universal needs of those seeking to become more fit, and should be used by all, as it provides the basis for any customized program. There are then a number of ways in which even the basic program can then be customized. First, the weight of kettlebell selected will substantially impact the strenuousness of the course. We recommend starting with a lighter kettlebell and moving up in weight only when that weight fails to provide a sufficient challenge. Also, certain individuals may elect to move at a slower pace, and will therefore take more than six weeks to complete the entire program. It is important to move only at the pace with which you are comfortable and you should feel free to repeat a session or to go back as you feel is best. Additional customization, either during the six week basic KettleWorx course, or afterwards, is available by means of the additional workouts provided. KettleWorx provides a number of additional training sessions that can be employed based on personal preference. Those include Fast Fat Burn, Perfect Abs and the Ultimate Body Collection.

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How Heavy Are The KettleWorX Kettlebells?

KettleWorx kettlebells come in four sizes: 5, 10, 15 & 20 pounds. We recommend that anyone not currently active in a physical fitness program begin with a 5-pound kettlebell, with most women later advancing to a 10-pound kettlebell and most men later advancing to a 10 and then a 15 or 20-pound kettlebell. Those who are currently active and physically fit may elect to begin with a 10, 15 or 20 pound kettlebell. It is important to note that the KettleWorx program is specifically designed to produce the best results when using kettlebells of the above-recommended weights.

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Is It Hard To Learn And Follow The KettleWorX Program?

KettleWorx includes proper basic instruction on the use of kettlebells. Proper technique is essential, is taught, and is not difficult to learn. And because the KettleWorx program is like having a personal kettlebell trainer in your own home, even those with no prior experience can derive full benefit from the program. So it's not hard to follow the program, but it may at times be hard to keep up, depending on your initial level of fitness. If you feel you cannot keep up with either an individual training session or the overall pace of the program, the answer is simple: stop or slow down! Your 'personal trainer' is there for you 24/7 and won't object if your six-week program stretches into eight weeks. For those who begin at a more advanced level of fitness, the KettleWorx program is sure to be sufficiently challenging, especially as such users can vary the level of difficulty.

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Can KettleWorX Replace My Existing Gym Membership?

People maintain gym memberships for a variety of reasons ranging from the social activities they enjoy to use of tennis courts or swimming facilities. However, for those whose primary purpose in gym membership is to achieve or maintain overall health and fitness, KettleWorx can act as an effective, economical replacement for gym membership.

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Is There Music With The Workouts?

KettleWorx routines have accompanying low volume background music. Users are given the option of turning the music off and could then, of course, replace that music with background music of their own choosing. However, we recommend that headsets not be worn, and that background music be of sufficiently low volume to allow the user to hear verbal instruction from trainer Ryan Shanahan, as this is important to achieve maximum benefit and assure proper instruction and safety.

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What If I Am Not Satisfied With KettleWorX, Or With My Results?

We guarantee your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply return KettleWorx within six weeks of purchase for a complete refund, less shipping and handling.

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What If I Have More Questions?

Additional product and business inquiries can be sent to You can also submit your fitness related questions directly to Ryan at He'll do his best to answer all questions personally, or via his blog

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What makes Kettleworx so unique?

KettleWorx is the global leader in kettlebell fitness. No other fitness program comes close to matching the 200 exercises, 36 unique workouts and more than 12 hours of personal instruction that KettleWorx provides. But KettleWorx is much more than just the largest collection of kettlebell training ever assembled. KettleWorx is a truly personal training system that guides you, step-by-step, through your own six-week body transformation. Unlike fitness programs that provide only a few routines to repeat over and over, the 36 unique routines included with KettleWorx are never boring - always challenging. KettleWorx really is just like having your own personal trainer - one who guides and instructs as you build strength, confidence and endurance each week. You'll be amazed at the remarkably better body you see in the mirror after only six weeks.

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What makes Kettleworx so much better than other programs?

By combining a complete cardio, core and resistance workout in each training session, KettleWorx delivers three times the benefit in one-third the time. Just 20 minutes, three times a week delivers a whole body workout - for whole body fitness in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost, of any other program.

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What Does "Cardio" Mean, And Why Is It Important?

"Cardio" is short for cardiovascular and refers to aerobic exercise - exercise that is sufficient to raise your heart rate substantially. The result is improved heart and vascular health. Your breathing rate also increases because you need oxygen to burn calories - and a cardio workout burns calories faster than any other form of exercise. Aerobic exercise is the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Aerobic exercise is essential for heart health, vascular health, lung health, and has also been shown to benefit bone strength, mental acuity and disease prevention.

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What Does "Core" Mean, And Why Is It Important?

"Core" refers to those exercises that strengthen core muscles - the obliques, abdomi nals, lower back, and the glutes. While people often focus on the fact that a strong core means great looking abs and a better physical appearance, core strength is essential for many activities. The core muscles are largely responsible for posture, balance and maintaining equilibrium through a range of motion. That's important whether you're an athlete or a parent who wants to pick up their child without back strain. A strong core is essential because it reduces the risk of injury, improves athletic ability and makes everyday activities easier - it also results in a body that looks great.

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What Does "Resistance" Mean, And Why Is It Important?

Resistance training is simply movement against external resistance, such as when you lift or swing the kettlebell. Sometimes mistakenly called strength training, the benefits of resistance training go well beyond muscle building. While resistance training will result in muscles that are leaner, better toned, stronger and better looking, it also prevents the muscle loss typical of aging. Adults, who do not engage in resistance training, even if they maintain cardiovascular health, will lose an average of seven pounds of muscle every decade. Resistance training also maintains and increases your metabolic rate. The average adult experiences a two to five percent reduction in metabolic rate every decade of their life. Weight gain is the natural result. However, by adding just three pounds of muscle mass you can increase your metabolic rate by seven percent and your daily calorie requirement by 15 percent. Resistance training has also been shown to increase bone density, improve flexibility, speed digestion, and lower cholesterol and decrease blood pressure. Resistance training is essential because no fitness program lacking a strong resistance component can provide the above benefits.

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How Does KettleWorX Compare With Other Popular Fitness Routines?

There are of course many options in choosing a fitness routine, and no one program is ideal for everyone. KettleWorx is specifically designed for those who want to achieve true whole body fitness by exercising 20 minutes, three times a week. It is of course impossible to compare KettleWorx with every available fitness routine. For illustration, however, consider a comparison with a treadmill, the single most popular form of exercise in the United States today. In order to burn the same number of calories on a treadmill as are burned in one, 20 minute KettleWorx routine, you would have to spend over one hour on a treadmill working at moderate intensity. The treadmill provides very little benefit outside of muscle toning for the legs, and after completing work on the treadmill will have to move on, perhaps to multiple additional machines or exercises to address the remainder of their body. KettleWorx tones and conditions every muscle in the body simultaneously. The treadmill will generate substantially more wear and tear on the knees and hips. KettleWorx is a low impact to no impact form of training. Unlike with KettleWorx, the average treadmill user will not achieve the 80% of maximum heart rate determined to be most beneficial for cardiovascular fitness, and will do little or nothing to strengthen most core muscles. Unlike with KettleWorx, the treadmill user will not improve balance, range of motion, flexibility or posture.

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How Does KettleWorX Compare With Other Kettlebell Training Programs?

KettleWorx is the global leader in kettlebell fitness. No other fitness program comes close to matching the 200 exercises, 36 unique workouts and more than 12 hours of personal instruction that KettleWorx provides. KettleWorx is a true kettlebell fitness routine. We do not employ gimmicks like "seven signature moves" or incorporate superfluous elements (like dance) into our fitness program. We believe those only make the program less appealing, less valuable and more challenging (I need to dance?) without adding any genuine benefit. Unlike most other kettlebell training aids, which are primarily aimed at a small number of hardcore kettlebell enthusiasts, KettleWorx is designed for a general audience. We do not assume the user has any prior knowledge of or experience with kettlebells. Unlike many other kettlebell training classes, aids and videos, we don't think in terms of "beating you up," "smacking you down" or trying to make you the toughest person in the neighborhood. This isn't a "boot camp" or "iron man training." Our goal is basic health and fitness, achieved with the help of what we believe is the world's most effective and efficient training system: KettleWorx.

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Can I Really Firm & Tone My Entire Body In Just 20 Minutes?

Twenty minutes seems short because we're used to thinking about fitness machines or exercises that work only a few muscles at a time. Doing it that way, spending even ten minutes toning and firming each of your 400 muscles could easily take two hours a day! The power of KettleWorx is that every exercise is simultaneously working multiple sets of muscles. Each 20-minute KettleWorx routine effectively tones and conditions every muscle in your body! The result is a 20-minute workout with the results of a two-hour workout. It's not magic - it's just amazingly efficient!

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Is 20 Minutes Sufficient For Cardiovascular Health & Weight Loss?

Several recent studies have shown that short, intense workouts are actually more beneficial than longer, lower intensity workouts. That's especially true for cardiovascular health. It's also true for weight loss, as intense workouts raise your body's metabolic rate, so you're constantly burning more calories - 24 hours per day! That, plus our healthy eating plan, makes KettleWorx one of the most effective programs available for weight loss and cardiovascular health.

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How much Weight Will I Lose?

KettleWorx is not intended primarily as a weight loss program. It is, nonetheless, one of the most effective weight loss programs available. The combination of effective, efficient exercise and a healthy diet will shed the pounds that need to be shed. For some that means many pounds, for others only a few, or none.

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How Soon Will I See Results?

You'll feel the results after your first KettleWorx workout. Unless you're exceptionally fit, your entire body will likely testify to the fact that you've just had a full body workout.

Depending on your initial fitness level, in as little as one week you'll start noticing a change in appearance due to improved muscle tone and diminished body fat. By the end of week three you'll notice greater core strength, improved cardiovascular health and stronger, leaner, better-defined musculature.

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Can I Really Transform My Body In Just Six Weeks?

We guarantee you'll be amazed at the changes you'll see - and feel - after just six weeks. Of course you have to follow the plan. But what makes KettleWorx so effective for so many is that we've designed a plan that anyone can follow. Most people fail other fitness programs because the requirements of those programs are unreasonable. They demand hours of exercise each day and combine that with severe calorie restrictions or strange diets. That combination is all but impossible - and it's unhealthy as well! The KettleWorx program is simple, easy and healthy. You'll see your body transform as a result of reasonable exercise and reasonable diet consistently applied over six weeks. You'll look better, feel better and actually be healthier. We guarantee it.

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Is KettleWorX Equally Effective For Both Men And Women?

Unlike many fitness programs, KettleWorx is designed to be an ideal, all-around fitness program for both men and women. The central theme of KettleWorx - whole body fitness via 20-minute workouts that combine cardio, core and resistance training - is equally important, and valuable, for both men and women. Of course men and women can choose to work with different kettlebell weights. Each can also customize their program based on a selection of complementary workouts contained in the Ultimate Body Collection and on the two bonus DVDs. But the program as a whole is gender-neutral. Both men and women find it equally enjoyable, equally challenging and equally beneficial. Couples working out together can even enjoy it!

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Will I Bulk Up?

KettleWorx is designed so that neither men nor women will "bulk up" - but instead achieve a well-proportioned, well-toned, healthy body. Men will develop greater muscle tone and definition, and will also add balanced muscle mass. Additional muscle mass in men results from the natural effects of testosterone combined with the use of a heavier kettlebell. Women following the KettleWorx program will develop better muscle tone that will firm and contour.

The ideal appearance for both men and women, that of muscle tone and muscle balance from head-to-toe, is best achieved through the use of whole body fitness routines like KettleWorx. Ideal proportion and whole body tone is almost impossible to achieve with typical exercise equipment because machines isolate and overdevelop certain muscle groups through repetitive, two-dimensional motions. That type of exercise can produce a 'bulky' unbalanced look. KettleWorx does not isolate muscles but instead works the entire body simultaneously and in three dimensions. Constant, flowing motion with simultaneous muscle activity across the entire body results in a long, lean look for women and a well-toned, well-muscled physique for men.

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