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People love their KettleWorX!

People are truly amazed with KettleWorx! They can't believe a 20-minute kettlebell workout is so easy and gives amazing, total body results in just 6 weeks! But don't take our word for it—read what people are saying about KettleWorx!

KettleWorX changed my life!

I used to be fat. During my four years of college, my lifestyle consisted mostly of working in front of a computer, tight deadlines, all nighters and very poor eating habits. By the time I graduated, I weighed 185 lbs, was a size 13, and 35% body fat! I was frustrated and knew it was time to make a change, and began training with KettleWorx.

In just under a year, I lost a total of 45lbs, 20 inches off my entire body, went from 35% body fat to 9%, and dropped 7 dress sizes. I'm much more confident, live a very active, healthy lifestyle, and am no longer self conscious about wearing a bikini on the beach. I got the results I wanted and FAST! I used to be fat, now I look and feel like an elite athlete!

KettleWorx WORKS!

–Estella H

KettleWorX works my whole body

I love kettlebells because... Being someone who has let himself go over the past couple of years (i.e. less physical activity but the same dietary intake) I've tried to shed the non-muscle weight. The KettleWorx workout, with its range of motion and impact on the whole body, helps a great deal.


KettleWorX got me in great shape—in only 6 weeks!

After having my daughter, I never thought I would be able to lose weight. Ryan, your kettlebell workouts got me back into great shape in less than 2 months.


KettleWorX DVDs are awesome!

I really love this form of exercise. I hope to convince my husband to give it a try as well.


Over 70 lbs lost with KettleWorX!

I have lost over 70 pounds since starting them 7 months ago—I am more slim and toned than I was before having had kids! Your exercises are simple and effective and I have amazing abs! I am so happy with the results, but the beauty of it is I don't need to take too much time out of my busy schedule!


Today I continue to be fired up about doing my KettleWorx and I won't ever stop! I have lost a total of 123 lbs. I feel great and I look awesome in comparison to what I looked like 12 months ago in December. I went from a 46" waist to a 31" waist and the muscle tone all over my body is unquestionably all due to doing the KettleWorx routines. Take a look at me now!

–Romeo C.

KettleWorX workouts fit the bill!

I am always on the lookout for ways that I can improve and refine my physique. I was recently seeking out activities that would complement my gym routine and that I would also enjoy doing. Ryan's kettlebell workouts fit the bill on both counts, as the exercises enabled new movements that trained my muscles in different ways, while also providing the variety needed to keep me interested. After a couple of months of kettlebell workouts I can see improvements in both the hardness and shape of my muscles.


KettleWorX DVDs are awesome!

Ryan, your KettleWorx DVDs are awesome. Wow, what a work out. I am actually addicted! Calories are dropping fast!


I absolutely love KettleWorX!

Received the DVD, I absolutely love it. I think it is great to have so many different workouts so I don't get bored. Love the ab workout! That is a spot that I really need to work on.


I just completed my 1st week of KettleWorx and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I am 37 years old, my birthday just past and I haven't exercised consistently since 2007. I've always loved exercising since the age of 18 and I have almost every infomercial on the market from the original Firm VCR tapes to the newest Firm DVD' doesn't stop there I have the Fluidity bar, PX90, and almost every DVD that Beachbody offers...I must say KettleWorx will be the 1st exercise regimen that I will have ever completed in my life!!! Week one done! But I'm going to exercise tomorrow just because I feel so GOOD...I'm so so glad that I saw KettleWorx on TV.

–Sharlene T.

I received my KettleWorx CD a month ago and cannot believe the changes in my 49-year old body. I had given up thinking I could "transform" my body. Plus, being a working Mom and nurse I was very skeptical of the whole routine, but I was so impressed with the information, workbook, diets, etc. that was included. I was not over weight too much, but out of shape/tone. My friends look at me and ask me what have I been doing. They cannot believe my arms and legs. I sleep better. I am more confident. I eat better. I have lost 8 pounds, many inches and of course I am fitting into clothes I never thought I would. I have 5 friends who have also started working with KettleWorx now, even my 72-year old mother. If I get brave enough, I may send a before and after picture. I cannot thank Ryan enough for the DVDs and his encouragement while exercising. You have given many women lots of hope and our bodies back:)

–Penny T.

Thank you so much! I love KettleWorx! I completed the first 6 weeks on Saturday and feel great. I am so pleased with the transformation and love that it only took me 30 minutes max 3 times a week. I feel so much better and have more energy for my family. It's given me more endurance and really shrunk the inches off my body. I love looking down and seeing my lap and not my stomach. I actually can feel my abdominal muscles contracting and shrinking. This is something I haven't felt since my last c-section 10 years ago. Again thank you KettleWorx. This is the first workout I have found on TV that I have stuck with and worked for me. Love it. Can't wait to get my advanced work out and in the meantime I am using the Ultimate Body Collection.

–Susan B.

I've got good news. I've had a pair of jeans that my friend gave me hanging in my closet for 3 years. I've never been able to get them over my hips. Even 2 months ago when I pulled them out and had hope. I got them out today to see if I could at least get them over my hips. I'm wearing them today! They went on, they buttoned, I may not be able to put anything in my pockets, but they fit and feel good and I can breathe. :) They say they are a 16, but they fit more like a 14. They are a lot smaller than my other 16s. I was so excited. I yelled from the bedroom, I GOT THEM ON! Everyone including my husband came running to see what I had gotten on. That was so exciting!!! Thanks again!

–Heather M.

Laurie K.
Tomorrow is my first day on the program. Going from frumpy to fab by next summer! Wish me luck! Want to lose 40lbs.

Amy B.
That was a good workout! Feeling good, strong and energized thanks to KettleWorx! Great workout with the 15 lb bell on Advanced week 6 Cardio!

Jodi T.
This week I started the basic again using my 15lb bell. Ah, that burn feels so good!!!! It's cool to think how much stronger we've all gotten since we started.

Teri S.
Just about to start the KettleWorx 6-week challenge. Will it make a skinny, tall woman more shapely?

Genevieve T.
Thank you Kettleworx for all you do for me! My legs will hurt tomorrow, but I'm so proud of myself!

Kevin S.
Wow! What a great morning with Advanced Level Core week 5! Another great workout designed by Ryan!

Claudia R.
I went to 15 lbs this morning starting with the basic series! Doing the 12 weeks with 10 lbs I went down a whole pant size!

Read what our Facebook fans are saying.

Raquel C.
Wow....only six weeks and even my co-workers noticed a difference. Would have gotten better results if I would have eaten a little healthier, but still awesome results. Just started my second six weeks. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!

Amy B.
Finished up Week 2 on my second go around of Basic w 15 lb bell. Resistance showed no mercy today! Sweat slinging, bell swinging workout!! Now I'm ready for an awesome day! Have a great day gang!!!

Lynn M.
I am at the end of week 3 and think that my butt is getting visibly firmer....yeah!!!! (It still has a long way to go but at least it's going the right way :-))

Tony F.
I have already lost 10lbs with KettleWorx basic 6 week and UBC chest and back! And now I'm using a 20 pound Kettlebell. My goal for 2011 is lose 20 more pounds and be nice and lean :)

Genevieve T.
I start the year at 139. I hope to finish it at 120. To all my KettleWorx friends, the best of year, and I hope you achieve the goal you set for yourself!

Amy B.
A big "Thank You" to KettleWorx, for the healthy impact you've had on my life this year.......sooo very thankful to our great "LEADER" Ryan...and to all the whole KW Gang for the wonderful inspiration and encouragement. May 2011 mark the beginning of a "Tidal Wave" of Love, Happiness, Health and a great year for us ...all!! Now I'm gonna go swing my 15 lb bell and finish the last day of this year up right! Resistance here I come! Happy 2011 KW Gang! ♥~

Susan B.
Hubs just completed 4 weeks of UBC and lost 15 pounds and I found him flexing in the bathroom! So, to embarrass him, I started singing, "I'm too Sexy". He just didn't get it! He kept flexing! Men and their metabolism! OK...maybe I'm a wee bit jealous!

Trish W.
I started the KettleWorx program this week and after the first workout I felt ever muscle in my body aching. At points during the day my legs trembled when I walked up the stairs. This is great!!

Glenda R.
I started the KettleWorx this week along with the diet and my weight has dropped drastically. I'm looking forward to the end of the six weeks. I have to admit that the diet has been a challenge, but I'm very determined to complete the course. This is good!

David M.
I just saw the KettleWorx infomercial last month, checked it out online, and ordered the basic 6-week workout videos. I have started the exercise program, and can tell that it will definitely work. I am 52 and try to stay in good physical condition by going to the gym a twice a week, but I am going to replace all that ...with the KettleWorx home workouts. I can tell it works just about every muscle, more so than just my standard gym routine.

Kathy W.
Have been doing KettleWorx for 16 weeks shed 12 1/2 inches and my sister we do it together has lost 14 1/2 inches... My daughter got me the advanced for Christmas can't wait to get it..... also I have inspired 3 others and they have bought the program....I LOVE THIS KETTLEWORX PROGRAM.

Lucy S.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the workout!!! I am on week 5 and results are showing!!!!

Mike R.
My wife and I are on our second 6-week program. We love the workouts and are amazed at the results. We brag all the time about KW.

Mark W.
I have been consistently exercising for the past two years. I started KWx last week and I have never experienced anything like this before. This is a great way to get and stay in shape. If I have to do all of this exercise to stay healthy, I'd rather work smart with KWx than all of the hard, long work that I was doing ...before. Thanks for the product and for the motivation to change my body.

Heather H.
Just started the advanced set of DVD's - fabulous!!! I loved the first 6 weeks - this one looks to be even better! Thank you KettleWorx - nothing like you!!

Jennifer S.
Started on week 3 and it's kicking my butt! So excited that I am seeing results...I LOVE KETTLEWORX!

Susan B.
UBC today- Chest and Back, cause ya know I am ALL about the perky pecs! Noticed my biceps were "swollen"!! They never went down! Then I finally figured out, I FINALLY developed biceps! Great Crape Myrtle!

Sam M.
Half way through my 6 week program!! I'm down 6 pounds and 4.5 inches!!!! I love KW!!!! Here's to the next 3 weeks :)

Carol S.
Good morning everyone! I just want to say that this is the most amazing workout ever. The results are fast and truly amazing. I am on the Advanced workouts now and couldn't be more thrilled. I'm 54 and in the best shape of my life. I can't wait for my daughter at college to come home so I can show off my arms!

Suzanne M.
Good Morning to all...haven't had a chance to check in lately but sounds like everyone is doing well. Still swinging the bell here. On week 15 (week 3 of UBC). Down a total of 19 lbs and feeling great. After another week of the UBC I will go back to level 1. I've been mostly using a 15 lb bell which has made it challenging in a very positive way. Hope everyone has a great day!

Harkit B.
I was given the KettleWorx workout DVD's as a birthday present, been doing it for 2 weeks and have lost an inch off my waist so far:) Hoping to size down further so I can get into the little black dress for Christmas! Thank you from London!

Michel S.
Got on the scale this morning... what a surprise. I lost 6 to 8 lbs (depending on water gain). I haven't seen my scale that low since pre-kids, 7 years!! I have always gone to the gym and toned some but the scale never really moved. KW sure has made a difference! I even re-weighed like 5 times because I just couldn't believe it :p

Kelly A.
First KW workout today. Okay, I've paid a personal trainer more money than I have for an hour a day. Each day we focused on different parts of the body. With KettleWorx I was working many parts of my body and my cardio was awesome. I loved the burn, I love that I can do this as often as I want or as little as 3 times per week. This was amazing! There is nothing you can do that will work your muscles, promote flexibility and give you cardio all in one. Unless you can bench press, do yoga and run all at the same time. I love this!

Yamille H.
Hey everyone I just wanted to check in and give everyone an update on how AWESOME KettleWorx is and HOW much it has helped me in such a short amount of time. In seven weeks of using KettleWorx I have gone from 140 to Friday I was 125..My body has made the most amount of changes and I have cut back on the amount of exercises I am doing. I am actually inspired now to keep pushing forward and enter a figure competition. I will definitely be using KettleWorx to help me get on stage. I am pushing the 15lb KB on most exercises now and 10lb Kb for some of the punches and overhead moves. I love the Disco side bend and the Catapults they really hit that core. Ryan is such a great motivator and the exercises WORK all you have to do is COMMIT to doing the program and the results are SURE to Come..:-)..Hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving Holiday DONT forget to get your KettleWorx workouts in only 20 minutes ... GOTTA love it ;-) Good Luck and Keep Pushing your Fitness Forward.

Kevin S.
Week 6 of Level 1 complete! I know I've seen the transformation and so has my wife. I did ask her this morning if she had noticed the transformation...she said of course! Then added...we need to go shopping. I want to thank Ryan for developing a simple straight forward plan to trim, firm and tone! A program that does what it says it will do. For making it fun and taking part of this page to encourage us all.

I also want to thank all of the Facebook fans. You have helped me stick with a program that I would have never in a million years continued on my own. The stories of success and struggles make us the KettleWorx Gang! Through this page I am inspired and encouraged. I thank you all! Have a great KettleWorx Day!

Siara S.
Hi KettleWorx gang! My fiancé and I are ending week 4 of the KettleWorx 6-week challenge and we LOVE IT. This is the first work out regime that we have stuck too...and it's fun exploring our new toned muscles every week! We haven't seen much of a weight loss lately, but clothes are fitting better and we have more energy! Not only do we feel great, but doing the work outs together have really given us some stress relieving/bonding time and have brought us closer!

Christy G.
Wow...I have been working out now for a year and a half and never got the results so quickly as I have with the first 6 weeks of this program. 3 lbs. lost, 2 inches of my hips, over an inch off of my stomach and down a half inch on each arm. That would make a total of 24 lbs. lost since I started working out. YES!!!

Doyle S.
In the middle of Week 2, did L1 Cardio today, can barely type this, lol. Still not able to do full sets yet like my wifey can, but hangin' tough. It gets frustrating, sucking wind to the point you have to stop, but I am the one who let myself get here. I have lost 5 lbs. (only 95 lbs. to go). it's a long haul when you have to lose as much as I do, but maybe Ryan can use me as an example someday, lol. Just staying committed is an accomplishment at this point!

Heather D.
WOOHOOOO week 2 cardio done. I am doing the 5 day program and I love it!! week 1 was awesome and this is my start day of week 2!! I think I will get a heavier bell for certain things tho...Even tho my core is week I am able to do things I didn't think I could!! This program is awesome!!

Susy D.
Finished the 6 weeks (with some repetition due to vacations, etc.), the 6 weeks advanced, and Ryan's plan for four weeks using the ultimate body collection. I lost 16 lbs, 3.5 inches off waist and hips, and 3 inches off thighs. I lost 1 inch off arms, but gained some good muscle there! Ultimately, I lost at least 20... lbs, since I had already started working out before starting kettlebells in early summer!

Katy O.
I don't have a picture of my progress(I'll take one at this point), but have finished the first 6 weeks. I am down 4.4 lbs and 4.5 inches... I think that's a good start right? I have a loooooong ways to go, but it all starts somewhere. i am fitting into old clothes, and that is the best part. I even got up at 445 am... to do my workout today... I knew I wouldn't do it after a 14 hour work day... and I hate mornings... That shows me my motivation and determination!

Tracy K.
loved looking at all the before and after pics guys!! I wished I had one taken when I first started, I've lost 18 pounds since March and went from a size 14 to 12. Not much more weight is coming off but I'm starting to see definition, I hope I'll see a six pack again after having 4 kids LOL

Brian M.
Week 6 Basic COMPLETED!!!!!! Tonight another 6 weeks of kettlebell training FUN. Body is still getting better, more toned , Abs at 5 1/2 pack, slimmer another 9lbs of fat gone. So far lost 35lbs, 3 pant sizes , gut is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAT Brian NO MORE!!!!! YOU CAN Change, YOU CAN DO IT! Get Fit!, Be Fit!, Stay Fit!, KW Fit!

Amy B.
Finishing up week 4 - noticing tone and definition. People starting to ask me if I'm losing weight this week. Really luv'n the program. Thanks Ryan!♥~

Susan B.
I'm either gonna have to get smaller jeans...or a bigger butt! Thanx KettleWorx!

Lori B.
Level 2 Week 2 DONE! My posture has greatly improved; feeling more energy and loving this new life! Thank you KettleWorx!

Leona B.
Started a week ago Saturday, done 5 workouts, Sat Tue Thur Sat Mon. I noticed a difference after the first one. Lost 5 lbs and 1 & 1/2 inches off the waist so far. I am soooo pumped about this!! I have a big drawer full of 'other' exercise, workout tapes and DVD's. They were not for me. But this is sooo easy, wit...h almost instant results. Diet alone does not pull off the pounds, the workouts do it, this is the most amazing product I've ever seen. You can see the results in the mirror after the second workout and I feel better than I've felt in a long time. Diet plan is so easy, no fancy off the wall stuff. This is Great, wish I had it years ago!!! no doubt this is my lifestyle from here on out. Love it!!!

Retta W.
Starting week five and have gone from a 12 in pants to an 8! Can't believe it! Only lost 10 pounds, but have lost several inches!

Jodi T.
You know you've had a good workout when you look like you took a shower with your clothes on! Kinda gross, right? Yep, but true! :)

Paige B.
Can I just say I am 3 weeks in and my bootie looks awesome : )...Must be all the squats 8D...Love , Love, Love KettleWorx!

Wendy V.
I've loved this program! I'm on week 5 of the beginner program and feel a serious difference in my clothes and how I feel. My low back isn't bothering me anymore. I'm on my feet all day working in a high school and then as a massage therapist...this program has been a miracle for me!

Susan B.
I'm on week 16 of using KettleWorx. Week two starting over from the beginning! I've worked up from the 5 pound kettle bell to now starting over at with a 15 pound kettlebell. The best part is I am now under 150 and down over 15 inches total! I love KettleWorx and it actually fits my schedule!!!

Genevieve T.
Under 150 in the evening now...that means about 148 in the morning. This program never ceased to amaze me! KettleWorx for life!

Lori B.
Finished up the Beginner program and just started Advanced today; Cardio 1. Feel so energized!!!! I LOVE this program...who DOESN'T have 20 minutes???!!!

Rikina V.
Just finished KW Cardio week 2..still dripping, but feeling pretty swell! 4 elle b's gone :) woo hoo...ooh yeah...uh huh...

Lisa C.
Woohoo!!! Core Week #3!!! I love this program!!! I have lost 3 pounds and my clothes are looser and my husband has pointed out that I am more vibrant and have more energy!!! WOW!!!

Susan B.
if you don't think you are getting results in the beginning b/c you don't see the changes, know that your muscles are getting stronger. My husband and I went mountain biking this a.m. on tough terrain. He had to walk his bike after a few minutes! My leg muscles hit that rough ground and kicked in like I was motorized! ...My husband was as shocked as I was! I can't believe the strength in my legs! Thanx KettleWorx!

Dawn M.
I just completed all six weeks of the KettleWorx 6-Week Body Transformation! I certainly do look and feel transformed! I had so much fun and I am so pleased with the results that I ordered KettleWorx Advanced today! I can't wait to get my new set!!!

Michelle B.
After 6 weeks on the program I am happy to say I am down 8.5" total!! Very exciting. Started the program over this week for another 6 weeks. My body is transforming before my eyes!!

Jodi T.
The only problem with I've had since starting KettleWorx...I can't stop flexing in the mirror. :)

Brian M.
KettleWorx use IT! to Burn IT! and Earn IT! No machine on earth can duplicate what your own body can do. Fitatude, Ripatude, Kettletude 24/7 KettleBells ROCK!!!!

Rachel D.
My husband and I are on week six and are so very impressed! I am a runner who has a mommy belly, and lots of extra baby weight to shed. I NEVER thought I could be a size 6 again, let alone in single digit sizes. I have not reached a 6 yet, but am a believer! My running has also improved with increased speed and imp...roved breathing. Can't wait to see what happens when we start the Advanced DVDs! :)

Lisa R.
Just into wk 3 of my 6 wk program. Have to say I was a bit skeptical on how it could help me (quite a lot of weight to lose & a chocolate addiction to conquer)! but I honestly cannot believe how much I am toning up already. My 'guns' are really firm & I already have a 2 pack! Haven't lost any weight yet (yes I know that will be the chocolate) but feel & starting to look great-even if I do say so ;-) Have however lost 4 & half inches-I am a complete KettleWorx convert!

Jen W.
Just finished the first week of KettleWorx and I LOVED IT!!! It's a program that is easy to follow and Ryan explains everything in detail and continuously gives you motivation!!! AWESOME PROGRAM!!!

Estella H.
Nothing beats rocking a KettleWorx Level 2 Abs workout with the 20lb kb! This was my weapon of choice to improve core strength, boost athletic performance and look good for tomorrow's beach volleyball 2's tournament :-)

Elizabeth T.
I just started my 7th week, cannot say enough about it! Love my KettleWorx workouts!!!

Lori H.
KettleWorx builds bones!!!! I had a bone scan two years ago to see if I was losing more bone (Diagnosed Osteopenia). I had picked up running and weights, I did not gain any bone. I started KettleWorx 18 months ago. Started with the 5 lb. bell, I'm up to an 8 lb bell. Had another bone scan this week. The tech started quizzing me: was I taking calcium, vit D, hormones, etc? No to all. @ 54 years old I gained bone mass: measurement: I went from -1.8 to -1.4 which is pretty impressive since it is extremely difficult to gain bone later in life. I sounded like a commercial! Both my husband and I have been using KettleWorx faithfully 4 times per week. I received another call from the Dr.'s office last Friday. Again, they asked me if I'm taking bone building drugs, calcium, vitamin D, etc. I told her I did nothing different except added KettleWorx!

Fran R.
I've been working out for years, and NOTHING has challenged my muscles like the KettleBell does, Awesome, not to mention completely surprising! I love KettleWorx

Sheila O.
Week 3 done. This is so awesome. My jeans are loose. I feel fantastic and look great...Thank you KettleWorx and thank you Ryan :)

Susan B.
Just finished Week 5 today. I can't believe that in just 3 weeks I've lost between 1 and 2.5 inches in each area from arms to legs hips, waist and especially in chest (down a cup size and down 2 bra sizes) Hooray!!! I love KettleWorx. I love that I have lost inches in all areas of my body but especially those I've always struggled with. Thank you! thank you! I have enjoyed the beach this year!

Neil A.
Just finished week 2 and feel great. Lost 2 inch of my waist now fitting 34 jeans for first time in twenty years. Cheers KettleWorx

Stony W.
This program is making me walk funny & that's a great thing! Two workouts and my legs are sore like nothing I have experienced in years.

Aimee I.
Doing some of the Body Sculpting workouts this weekend, and Monday will move on to week 5. Feel awesome, seeing incredible changes in my body, AND... this morning had a nice drop on the scale! It's really kicking in! Yay! I need to buy some new shorts b/f my vacation in 2 weeks! LOL!

Michelle M.
I only have been doing the KettleWorx for a week and a half and already I feel amazing! I feel so strong after each workout that it keeps me motivated to go on. I love it!!