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KettleWorx KettleBell Program on WCCO Minneapolis

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Simply said, swinging the Kettlebell is FUN as WCCO’s Anchor, Angela Davis found out for herself when we introduced her to KettleWorx! While most people haven’t swung a Kettlebell as a kid—most everyone CAN relate to the sensation of a teeter-totter or swinging at the playground! Angela’s first 2 Hand Swing had her shriek in delight just like a kid (a common reaction) as she experienced the thrill of “catching air” with the short pause at the top of the 2-Hand Swing only to quickly feel the pull of gravity speed up again on the way down! Angela could relate the familiar movement of pumping her legs on a swing, to the hip thrust which begins the change in direction of the kettlebell swing. Another helpful analogy for Angela was imagining a teeter-totter: with her body acting as BOTH people on the teeter-totter by actively initiating the change of movement at both the TOP of her swing and at the BOTTOM!

One of the most effective ways for fitness to be long-lasting is to be FUN! As Angela (and many others) have found out—relating KettleWorx to the fun of being a kid makes fitness easy!! Not to mention with getting her KettleWorx Workout in early, Angela got to enjoy a birthday celebration on the set by having her (cup)cake and eating it too without feeling guilty!

KettleWorx KettleBell Program on KSDK St. Louis

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

ST. LOUIS—The “Spirit of St. Louis” might have been the monoplane that Charles Lindbergh flew on the 1st nonstop solo transatlantic flight from New York to Paris but for anyone who has visited this incredible city known for its impressive and inspiring Gateway Arch you know the unabashed “Spirit of St. Louis” means so much more! We saw RED everywhere we went as Cardinal Fans made their way in droves to the ballpark to catch the game against the Cubs. While it was an incredible night to be outside, something tells me these fans would have been out regardless! As we made our way to the Riverfront to take in the stunning structure of the Gateway Arch I stood in the open green grass between the Gateway Arch and the Old Courthouse, which stands opposite and was struck by the stark architectural contrast. The Old Courthouse with its traditional rounded architecture conveys strength and fortitude as we know it yet the Gateway Arch with its unconventional long sinewy lines goes against what we are accustomed to and naturally makes us question its strength.

I draw the parallel between how kettlebells have been used traditionally to bulk up with an extreme approach and how KettleWorx has revolutionized kettlebell fitness with an approach that focuses on quick workouts that develop long, lean sculpted muscles yet provide incredible strength and fortitude! With everything new it takes time for people to get used to it and sometimes I wonder how long will it take for EVERYONE to recognize there is a better way to do something? Based on the spirit and enthusiasm health reporter, Heidi Glaus showed on KSDK-TV (NBC) for KettleWorx it won’t take long at all!!

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