KettleWorx KettleBell Program on KVBC Las Vegas

The “I Love my Kettlebell Tour” continues to gain momentum and the adventures are endless! With all the time on the road, the video blog needs some updating so it’s time to catch up before we head out on the road again!!

VEGAS—VIVA LAS VEGAS!! As a HUGE ELVIS fan, I was glad to know that Elvis is VERY alive and well in this surreal city! Matter of fact, there were more than a few times that I found myself in his presence: walking around town, waiting to cross the street etc…what a trippy experience—it’s uncanny how well some of these impersonators have adopted “The King’s” mannerisms and persona! Another uncanny likeness was that of our KVBC NBC NEWS 3 Reporter, Dan Ball to that of Ryan Seacrest—Dan had us laughin’ to death, while KettleWorx had him catchin’ his breath!

With kettlebells and their Russian legacy, it was great to have Oksana who is from Russia demonstrating on air with us some of the KettleWorx exercises!

Enjoyed taking in the poolside scene at the Hard Rock for lunch before meeting some local Las Vegas KettleWorx Kettlebell Aficionados before returning for a 2nd visit to Phoenix!

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