KettleWorx KettleBell Program on the CBS Early Show

First things first – what am I doing going on the CBS Morning Show? Well, I still don’t know all the details, but someone there heard about KettleWorx and wanted to put me on the show. I received the invite only a few days before the appearance – “Could I be there?”……. of course! Hey, it’s not every day I get the chance to tell 3 million people about the fastest, most effective workout around!  So it was I found myself in New York…..

On the day of the show there’s a limo waiting outside at 5:00 a.m. “The city that never sleeps” is remarkably quiet and peaceful…almost surreal.  The CBS studio is directly across from Central Park… only a few joggers out. By 5:40 I’m in the GREEN ROOM – a little anxious…. I’ve appeared on live TV before – local stations from my home town – Toronto – but this is different. I’m chatting with the other guests:  a correspondent from the White House who talks about Al Qaeda and an Eagle Scout—the first ever to earn every badge possible!

There is a CBS representative assigned to each of the guests.  I’m in luck—mine happens to be a hard-core New Yorker with serious shoulder pain!  Here’s an “Opportunity to Do Good”…After the show, I get the chance to work with him, stretching out the shoulder and writing down specific things he can work on using kettlebells and my KettleWorx program to re-build the strength and eliminate the pain!  It’s an incredible feeling to be able to set someone on the right path and know it will improve all aspects of their life. For me, that’s what this is all about – KettleWorx is my passion – a fast, effective and fun workout that really works. It’s important to get the word out so I’m thankful for the CBS appearance.

One of the producers suddenly has the idea of setting up a demo outside the studio. So out we go – now we’re out on the sidewalk - “warming up” in the arctic air. It’s about 6:30 now and more people are out – we’re drawing a crowd! People want to know about this unique workout and the ‘strange’ looking kettlebell! I guess I’m too close to kettlebells after training with them for 10 years – I thought more people knew – but hardly anyone has ever heard of or seen a kettlebell!!! This is all new to them! I get a chance to talk to people in the crowd about the 20 minute, 3x per week workout that can transform your body – a few people volunteer and now we’re doing KettleWorx instruction in Manhattan!  The energy and enthusiasm for KettleWorx was infectious… It was a blast!

Then it’s back inside – time to do the live segment. Looking back I think a live TV appearance is like shooting the rapids—it’s over before you know it, with all the excitement you’d expect!! If you didn’t catch us live the first time…check it out here:

After 4 minutes in front of 3 million viewers the website has been flooded. People want to know more – and when they find out, there’s a tremendous appetite for the program ……. we didn’t expect (or plan for) this response.

Good thing we’ve got plenty more kettlebells on the way!!

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